Chinedu “Nedu” Nwakudu

How does Atlanta influence your photography style?

I’m not gone lie, I struggled with this question and it’s still hard to answer because it’s a lot of ways. But I will say the people I’ve come in contact with and been around have really made me see people differently and made me approach my work differently.

Can you talk about every day Atlanta, the little things, and how they inspire you? The people, the smells, the places, what is about Atlanta that is so magical?

It’s hard to say for real because Atlanta’s one of those places you gotta be in to understand why it means so much.

Today more than ever, being southern and from Atlanta especially, a place where so many Black icons are from is very special... Can you speak on that?

It’s a blessing, to be honest. When I was younger I was happy to say I was born in Atlanta, but now that I’m older I appreciate it even more because it’s apart of my story.

Can you give some words that describe Atlanta, that shows in your work?

Familial. Atlanta is my home obviously, but one thing we do well is welcoming someone with open arms.

Where do you go from here? After Atlanta, where?

Wherever the universe wants me. I’m always searching for something and depending on curious and reckless I’m feeling, I’ll know from there

Chinedu Nwakudu is a Nigerian-American image maker and director based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Through his work he communicates through documentary portraitures and videos. Growing up in a familial setting, the warmth that he received from family and friends shaped his approach when it comes to his images and subjects. Centered around color and emotion, he strives to invoke a new feeling from each image of his subject.