Logan Lynette

How does Atlanta influence your photography style?

I’m a documentary image maker, so I essentially photograph what’s already present. Atlanta does all the work of being the city that it is, I’m just here to make sure those stories are preserved.

Can you talk about every day Atlanta, the little things, and how they inspire you? The people, the smells, the places, what is about Atlanta that is so magical?

Black folks so beautiful, man. Here, you have the privilege of being surrounded by us almost all the time, and not every city has that. There’s a community aspect here, family type thing. Communities within the community that makes things as magical as they are. Black folks already hold all kinds of magic that’s been passed down. There’s a power in our joy, our rest, as well as how we get through our struggle. To be surrounded by that power is comforting and a blessing. It’s validating.

Today more than ever, being southern and from Atlanta especially, a place where so many Black icons are from is very special... Can you speak on that?

In Atlanta, everybody is somebody. Everyone has their own grind and usually multiple. Can’t block what’s already shining. The South has something to say... which is maybe why so make folks from up North and the Westside is starting to coming over. Folks are starting to listen, or at least want to add their two cents.

Can you give some words that describe Atlanta, that shows in your work?

Resilient. Black. Still standing.

Where do you go from here? After Atlanta, where?

Atlanta will always be my base, but I’m definitely interested in exploring more of the South. Never been to states like Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi, but I know the air is different.

Logan Lynette Burroughs is a photographer and filmmaker based out of Atlanta, GA. They create documentary work focusing on different aspects of Black existence; what is praised by some and despised by others. “Either way, it’s us.” Burroughs is interested in being a part of providing information about Black folks in the now, for the future generations to come.