How does Atlanta influence your photography style?

Atlanta influences my art through collaboration.

Can you talk about every day Atlanta, the little things, and how they inspire you? The people, the smells, the places, what is about Atlanta that is so magical?

There is no “Everyday Atlanta” and that is what makes it magical. Depending on where you stay, work or even eat there’s a different experience catered to that area and it’s NEVER what you expect and that’s what keeps me on my toes and constantly inspired, the unknown. I’m always learning.

Today more than ever, being southern and from Atlanta especially, a place where so many Black icons are from is very special... Can you speak on that?

I’m actually mad northern and from Michigan where it's dominantly white so moving to Atlanta was definitely a culture shock but in the best way. It [Atlanta] gave me my voice of expression back because I was able to find my identity here, ya know? I’ve never been around so many different types of Black people marching to their own drum while having their own community behind them, it doesn’t surprise me that stars are planted here because there’s something for everyone in Atlanta.

Can you give some words that describe Atlanta, that shows in your work?

Welcoming, enticing, captivating, & budding.

Where do you go from here? After Atlanta, where?

If not Atlanta then overseas. I’m planning on moving overseas within the next five years and right now I have my eyes set on Italy however once I start traveling that might change.

Ryder is a visual storyteller and color enthusiast originally from Michigan. She specializes in creating and executing visual stories using photography, film and color theory. Since Moving to Atlanta, GA in 2016 Ryder has been able to work with clients such as Sprite, Jimmy Fallon, Nike, Red Bull, Rolling Out, Cam Kirk Studios, Savage X, Rico Nasty and Flo Milli .

Through her work, her goal is to capture my generation’s legacy in its totality- joy, pain and triumph.