Talecia Tucker

How does Atlanta influence your photography style?

Atlanta has a rich cultural history, one that my relatives and ancestors have contributed to. This city influences everything I do because I’m from here. I use the camera as an extension of myself to connect deeply to those in my community. I have the privilege and responsibility to tell our stories as a Black and Queer artists.

Can you talk about every day Atlanta, the little things, and how they inspire you? The people, the smells, the places, what is about Atlanta that is so magical?

Atlanta is a very rhythmic city and I’m inspired by its pace, vibrancy, and unyielding spirit.

Today more than ever, being southern and from Atlanta especially, a place where so many Black icons are from is very special... Can you speak on that?

There have been many prolific artists, intellectuals, civil rights leaders, and all around talented people to come out of Atlanta. I feel privileged to be among the growing list. In this moment we are reminded of the work that needs to be done and of our collective power.

Can you give some words that describe Atlanta, that shows in your work?

A few words that are synonymous with my work and Atlanta would be Black, intimacy, familiarity, strength, tenderness and culture.

Where do you go from here? After Atlanta, where?

No matter where I go, I’ll always take the city with me. Forever I love Atlanta.

Talecia Tucker is an multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Atlanta, GA. Their photography explores the social and cultural nuances of Black identity in America. It engages themes of familiarity, cultural identity, class, gender, and race and encapsulates fleeting moments of intimacy through portraiture.